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GEMMA’s jewelry is handmade, with precision on the small details and uncompromising quality.

GEMMA guarantees that your jewelry will be uniquely matched
To the person you love!

Quality, innovation, precision and professionalism will accompany you all the way.


What do you need to know about diamonds?
Diamonds have a lot of elements that make an impact
On the quality of the diamond, so it is advisable to consult the subject matter experts.
The GEMMA team provides an answer to all the common questions: why is accurate cutting important?
What is the recommended level of Clarity and Color, or how important is the Carat weight?

Which design to choose?
Undecided on a modern design or a vintage design?
Solitaire ring or a Halo ring?
A square diamond or a round diamond?
Our team asks the right questions to help you pinpoint your choice.

How to choose the right ring size?
Most people who purchase a ring for the first time do not know the size of their finger or their partner’s size.
There are a number of important things
Worth knowing before purchasing a ring